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Diesel-powered road vehicles are important sources for nitrogen oxide (NO$_x$) emissions and the European passenger fleet is highly …

Trend analysis of air pollutant concentrations becomes problematic when applied to data from air quality monitoring networks containing …

Interventions used to improve air quality are often difficult to detect in air quality time series due to the complex nature of the …

The direct emission of nitrogen dioxide (NO$_2$) from road vehicle exhaust has been an important contributor to near-road ambient …

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These posts are mostly aimed at users of openair who want to better understand its use but also as a place to put occassional useful code snippets.

A look at the air quality data accessible with openair


My principal research focus is urban air pollution. My main areas of interest are:

  • Development of statistical techniques to better understand air pollution measurements.
  • Measurement and analysis of vehicle emissions using remote sensing
  • Development of R packages such as openair.

Statistical analysis

Analysis and insights from air quality data.

Vehicle emissions

Overview of our vehicle emissions capability and interests.


openair R package.


Talk at the IAQM meeting in London



Reader in Air Pollution

University of York, Department for Chemistry

April 2015 – Present York

Technical Director

Ricardo Energy & Environment

April 2015 – Present Harwell, Oxfordshire

Principal Scientist

King’s College London

January 2010 – March 2015 Londonn

University Research Fellow

University of Leeds, Institute for Transport Studies

January 2005 – December 2009 Leeds